[OS X TeX] Test

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Tue Mar 4 08:25:58 EST 2008

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Juergen Fenn wrote:
> When I received the mail that told me I had been unsubscribed from the list I 
> thought at first that someone had cracked my password..

This snapped in my mind too, but the very 1st snapping was about some kind 
of spam sticked into and leaking from my system... Then, after reading 
Gary's email, I re-subscribed on the spot; but by hitting the button, a 
3rd paranoic tghought snapped my brain that I did that too early to pass 
into. The reason for that stress is that, of course, this list is a unique 
on-line interactive magazine, actually a unique school for some of us.

BTW, Ludwik Kowalski's questions and your answers have been extraordinarily 
good, pleasant, incl funny in an indescribably positive way: I have 
been reading, laughing with tears and learning...

I hope Ludwik would take this remark of mine in the most positive way as 
it is. I myself didn't know how to do indexing, and will try the lesson as 
soon as I get a little bit time.

Now, I am going to keep my fingers crossed very tightly, to pass 


>. impossible! 8-) Then 
> I found Gary L. Gray's announcement in the list's folder.
> Regards,
> Jürgen.

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