[OS X TeX] XeLaTeX in Acrobat

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at ensmp.fr
Tue Mar 4 09:37:47 EST 2008


I have typeset a textbook with XeLaTex + fontspec, system is 10.4.11  
with october 2007 MacTex installed.
The text font is Cochin.dfont (provided by Apple).

It prints fine on the two printers I have used, preview is beautiful  
both in TeXShop and Preview, but the preview in Acrobat for windows  
(both versions 6 and 8) is awful at screen sizes, although at great  
magnifications is is OK (but I mean the documents to be read on the  
I have output PS to pass them to my son who has distiller CS3, and  
the result is the same in Acrobat Pro for the Mac.
The issue is that the baseline and other metrics are not handled  
properly by Acrobat at small sizes.
Aren't here hints in truetype fonts? Or is is it just that Adobe  
despises TT? Do I have to stick to Postscript fonts?


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