[OS X TeX] Windows positions

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 10:05:41 EST 2008

I will take advantage of this being a low traffic period to bring up  
a low importance issue.

Before I keep a careful log to document what is happening, I would  
like to know if others have noticed some similar kind of behavior:  
Even though the preferences for TeXShop [2.14 (svn 2.14) under  
10.4.11] are set as

	Document > Source Window Position > Remember last position on close
	Preview > Preview Window Position > Remember last position on close

it does not really. To be more precise,

	1) if I have one document and one preview, things sort of work  
except that TeXShop does not remember that I narrowed and lengthened  
the preview window to the text and left a 1cm strip between the two  
windows for me to see if the console is scrolling.

	2) when I have two or three source documents and previews similarly  
arranged across two screens, TeXShop forgets everything and, on  
relaunch, places the source on top of the preview slightly right of  
the middle of the left hand screen.

	3) another annoying behavior is that if I carefully set up a source  
and then open a number of source files, they all pile up on top of  
that first source window regardless of where they had themselves been  
when saved.

Hope everybody will find their way back to the list. (As for myself,  
I re-registered at 2:10 naturally to receive a privacy alert at  
2:11:55 followed by an unsubscription notice at 2:12:30. It was  
actually funny.)


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