[OS X TeX] More questions on MacTeX

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sun Mar 9 18:06:00 EDT 2008

Le 9 mars 08 à 21:18, Christoph Hoh a écrit :

> 	Is there a way to see the real directory structure either in the  
> Finder or somewhere else?

It used to be that you could coerce the Finder into displaying this  
normally hidden directory structure by typing, in Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles true

then closing the current session (Cmd-Shift-Q) and starting a new one.  
I haven't tried for some time (since Panther or earlier), but I assume  
that should still work. Use the same command, with false instead of  
true, to revert back to normal.

But really, that's not a good idea. It might change the Finder's  
behavior in unexpected ways, change some applications' behavior in  
unexpected ways (for example the Open, Save etc. dialog will probably  
be affected), and after some time you'll certainly get tired of seeing  
all these normally invisible files (like the files .DS_Store in most  

I find seeing these normally invisible files more annoying than  
helpful. Most of the time you don't have to care about these files.  
And for the TeX directory structures:

- The aliases in /Library/TeX/ provide a straightforward enough way of  
accessing them.

- There's also, as others mentioned, Cmd-Shift-G.

- Personally I just added the directories


in the sidebar of Finder's windows, so that they can be accessed  
easily whenever need be (essentially for testing purposes, in normal  
use you shouldn't need to care too much about them).

Bruno Voisin

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