[OS X TeX] OT: users and groups on Leopard

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Mar 10 06:50:07 EDT 2008

Le 10 mars 08 à 10:30, Bruno Voisin a écrit :

> Does anybody know how on Leopard one can access the list of users  
> and groups on a given Mac, together with their numeric equivalents  
> (= ids)? Here I mean not just the account owners on the Mac, but all  
> the users and groups defined by OS X for its various components and  
> services.

Before anybody spends time on the question in my preceding message:  
John Rawnsley has provided the answer off-list.

Namely, to get the list of user ids, use

	dscl localhost -list /Local/Default/Users UniqueID

and to get the list of group ids, use

	dscl localhost -list /Local/Default/Groups PrimaryGroupID

Many many thanks John, that's exactly what I was looking for.


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