[OS X TeX] Feature Request Math Bracket

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 13 22:56:13 EDT 2008

Bracket matching has never been a problem for me. My biggest source of  
errors are unclosed $ ... $ strings. Up until recently I was using  
BBEdit which has an option that colors all characters between the $  
delimiters in green. This makes it very easy to spot the problems, and  
I made very few of that type of error. I switched to the TeXShop  
editor a couple of weeks ago because a bug in the BBEdit syntax  
coloring having to do with equation environments was driving me crazy.  
(This has been reported to the developers who can reproduce it.) Now  
I'm once again making quite a few errors having to do with the closing  
the $ ... $ strings. I've wished for a long time that TeXShop could do  
the same sort of coloring as BBEdit.

I might add that I've otherwise very pleased with the present TeXShop  
editor. There are only two other things that I miss from BBEdit. First  
is that BBEdit opens a source file positioned on the same line as when  
the file was last closed. Second, the function pop-up menu (equivalent  
to tags in TeXShop) remembers the scroll position from the last time  
it was pulled down and automatically positions itself there.

Richard Séguin

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