[OS X TeX] Feature Request: better coloring and text structuring

Jan Rosinski rosinski at math.utk.edu
Sat Mar 15 17:49:37 EDT 2008

Sorry for resending; my previous message had incorrect subject line.

My major request is to improve syntax coloring and text structuring in  
the source file, that is quite basic in TS at present. Readability of  
the source file becomes an issue after several hours of work;  an  
intelligent coloring, graphical distinction between sub- super- and  
main formula lines are the features that I would welcome.  Greek  
letters and some math symbols looking as they (approximately) should,  
could be also considered. I am not advocating for a WYSWYG but for  
something what has already been done in other editors used for tex  

Another option is some implementation of AUCTeX from emacs world. But  
I do not know if it is possible.

Jan Rosinski

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