[OS X TeX] amsart & fancyhdr question

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Mon Mar 17 06:17:52 EDT 2008

>>>>> "Lantz Susan" <lantzs at tristate.edu> (LS) wrote:

>LS> I'd would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me why the tex
>LS> file below does not put the section number and title as the left side
>LS> of the header. The left header is blank, no matter whether I use
>LS> \markboth, \markright, or \markleft when re-defining the sectionmark.
>LS> (I've tried using \rightmark in \lhead{ . . . } when sectionmark is
>LS> re-defined with either \markboth or \markright, but no matter what I
>LS> do, the left header is blank.) 
>LS> Is this a peculiarity of the amsart documentclass? (I've never had
>LS> this kind of trouble with the book class or amsbook class.) 

Yes, it is. From the documentation:

    Section headings don’t set marks for the running heads in the article
    style, only in the amsbook style.

The following seems to work:


% redefine sectionmark
\renewcommand\sectionmark[1]{\markboth{\thesection. #1}{\thesection. #1}} 

% clear any old style settings

% define new headers/footers

But it may be a bit fragile with section headers close to page boundaries.
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