[OS X TeX] Alternate characters in CM or LM?

Dr. Clea F. Rees cfrees at imapmail.org
Thu Mar 20 13:55:21 EDT 2008

There is also a package which enables oldstyle figures in LM by
default. I did not find this entirely satisfactory, though I cannot now
remember why. The other possibility to to create a set of virtual fonts
according to your own needs. I did this for LM and it seems to work
reasonably well, though it did involve quite a lot of messing around
and it took my computer quite a while to create the virtual font files
and metric files it needed.

- cfr

On 20/03/08, you seem to have written:

> On Mar 19, 2008, at 09:04, Nathan Paxton wrote:
>> Since the PS 35 aren't working so well with 10.5.2 (at least, that's how I 
>> understand it)
> I'm not sure it's only the ``35 PS fonts'', but as I'm not using Leopard, I 
> really don't know.
>> I need to use something besides the mathpazo package. I can live with CM or 
>> LM, but I'd like to know how to access some of the alternative characters 
>> in those. Specifically, I like the look of small caps and old-style 
>> figures, as in mathpazo.
> I don't think mathpazo uses true small caps; CM and LM do, as pxfonts 
> (Palatino-based as mathpazo).
>> How do I get those in (I assume) LM?
> Just as with mathpazo: \textsc{...} or {\scshape ...} for small capitals, and 
> \oldstylenums{...} for old style figures.
>> How do I find out how to access those for the whole document in other 
>> character sets, like URW garamond?
> Commands and declarations for small caps and old style figures are the same. 
> Also, have a look at the TeX-Gyre project:
> /usr/local/texlive/2007/texmf-dist/doc/fonts/tex-gyre/
> Best,
> Axel

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