[OS X TeX] Setting Keyboard Shortcuts in TeXShop

Chris Goedde cgg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 11:35:58 EDT 2008

A while back there was a request that the keyboard shortcut cmd-I  
should be the "emphasize" command in TeXShop rather than the "Italic"  
command. I just upgraded to Leopard and the latest TeXShop, and this  
can easily be done using the keyboard preference pane in System  
preferences. You just need to set "Italic" to something other than cmd- 
I, then you can set emphasize to cmd-I.

If you've never done this, then do the following:

(1) Quit TeXShop.
(2) Open System Preferences.
(3) Select Keyboard and Mouse and then the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
(4) Hit '+'.
(5) Choose TeXShop from the list of Apps. If it doesn't appear on the  
list, choose "Other" and go find TeXShop.
(6) Set Italic to something other than cmd-I; I used cmd-shift-I.  
(Just type Italic in the first text box, and cmd-I (using the actual  
command key) in the second.
(7) Set emphasize to cmd-I.
(8) Close System Preferences and open TeXShop.

Of course, you can also leave Italic alone and set emphasize to a  
currently unused shortcut.


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