[OS X TeX] Scandinavian {\aa} ??

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 25 17:33:48 EDT 2008

On 25 mrt 2008, at 19:49, Ari Stern wrote:
> Personally, I think this is a good argument for doing away with
> personal "shortcut" macros like this altogether.  (Another argument is
> that it makes it hard to share TeX source files with collaborators,
> who may have different and/or conflicting macros.  Still another is
> that it makes it harder to cut-and-paste formulas into different
> source files, programs like LaTeXiT, etc...)

No need to throw it all away. As long as your macros have descriptive  
names, you'll be fine. Something like:


and the like. This will ensure consistency throughout your document,  
and make even make the source more readable. But avoid \def unless you  
_really_ know what you're doing, and single letter macros are just too  


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