[OS X TeX] multipage landscape table and endfloat

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Le 08-03-24 à  09:42:55 +1100, William Morris <wkmor1 at gmail.com> a  
écrit :

> Endfloat is a package that basically just sticks all the tables and
> figures at the end of the document instead of in the main text.
> Unfortunately endfloat only really recognizes standard table
> environments, but with some tweaking it can be used with longtable and
> the rotating packages. But those two don't work together!!!.
> I can get a rotated longtable with the lscape/pdflscape method but
> putting a longtable or normal table inside a landscape environment
> hides the table from endfloat.
> Hence my dilemma.

Sorry for the long silence, I was a few days without reading the list.
There must be benefits in using Endfloat which I am not aware about,  
but to solve your problem, could you not avoir Endfloat for this  
document and manually position your tables and figures at the end of  
your document? I did not know Endfloat so I used the method I just  
described to put all my figures at the end of an article. In fact I  
put all my floats alone on a page, with the \includegraphics commented  
out, to produce my list of captions, then I put back the counter to  
zero (or one, don't remember) and this time I commented out the  
captions, to produce only the figures with their figure number below  
them. Maybe this is the kind of things Endfloat took care of  
automatically for you.

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