[OS X TeX] Re: List of feature requests on this list

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 19:15:30 EDT 2008

On Mar 30, 2008, at 6:42 PM, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> On 30 Mar 2008, at 10:39 pm, Ross Moore wrote:
>> Here is another request for a new feature.
>> It would be nice to be able to easily access the "Finder Info"
>> for the PDF output from within the Preview window;
>> e.g. file-size, full path to location, modification date, etc.
>> Also, it would be nice to be able to easily access the "PDF Info"
>> that is put into the PDF by the process that was actually used:
>>  title, creator, producer, keywords, modif. date, etc.
>> For the latter, there's no need to be able to edit these
>>  --- though that would be a great feature to have too! ---
>> but just to be able to check that you have done what you
>> intended, with  hyperref  package options, or  \hypersetup
>> commands, or with whatever other method was actually used.
>> Of course all this info is available anyway, by switching to
>> another program, such as the Finder or Adobe Reader, respectively.
>> My request is to avoid the need for making this kind of switch,
>> and the hunting through directory trees that it entails.
> Hi Ross,
> There's no need to hunt through directory trees. To access the PDF  
> info (e.g., to confirm which fonts are used, or check the document  
> metadata), I just drag the proxy icon from the window's title bar  
> in TeXShop to the icon of Adobe Reader in my dock (kept there for  
> exactly this purpose).
> For Finder info, command-click the proxy icon or window title, and  
> choose the enclosing folder from the pop-up, then just press Cmd-I,  
> as the Finder opens the folder with the appropriate item already  
> selected for you.
> I'd be happy to have all this info readily available within  
> TeXShop, but it's not all that awkward to access it through other  
> means.

Personally, I have no interest in that kind of info. But if I had, I  
would never remember the above when I needed it while I would be able  
to use a button or two on the Preview window. (Also, I am violently  
allergic to Adobe Reader which I threw away at least a year ago. Or  
is it at least two years ago?)

I will wait for qualification of Q1 and Q2 on the wish list until the  
dust has settled down and I am told what to put.

Best regards

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