[OS X TeX] Cache erarse

Javier Elizondo javier_elizondo69 at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 11:46:20 EDT 2008


I need a little help. Because of recurrent problems with fonts in the output pdf file running texlive, and it seems that the only help we can get is erasing the cache files. I would appreciate a lot if someone can tell me how to do that. I run "locate cache | less" in terminal and I got a lot. Of course, in different directories. Now, I usually run latex using Emacs.app (carbon emcas) and Texshop. I use mostly skim to look at the files. 

I also wonder if it would be possible, if someone has, te get a script so the cache is erased every time I run the script. That would be very useful.  

Thank you, Javier

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