[OS X TeX] Putting a banner in beamer

Jason Davies ophiochos at gmail.com
Fri May 9 14:24:16 EDT 2008

Peter Vamos wrote on 9/5/08 at 14:49

>To install a logo, use the following command:
>\logo{hlogo texti}


thanks. I had played around with that but never got the 
positioning right.

Matthew Leingang wrote on 9/5/08 at 14:45

>Dear Jason,
>Here's a quick-and-dirty solution.  First, use a graphics program to
>create a 128mm x 96mm image.  Make the main color your desired
>background, and put the banner across the top.  Or you could try and
>grab that inkblot (or whatever it is) on the homepage, with the banner

this might be 'dirty' but it is exactly right for what i needed 
- thanks. I hadn't thought of using the background.

I've joined the list too, for my next dumb question.

Thanks to those who replied. Now I can forget about being forced 
to use Powerpoint...

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