[OS X TeX] Ghostscript 8.62

Adam M. Goldstein a.m.goldstein at mac.com
Sat May 10 13:42:48 EDT 2008

On May 9, 2008, at 4:46 PM, Richard Koch wrote:


> On a related issue, I'm thinking about eliminating the font  
> utilities completely, and I'd appreciate comments. I believe these  
> utilities are primarily present to fully support Gerben's gtmacfonts  
> package, which isn't in TeX Live. We do install iInstaller, so a  
> rare user who needed the font utilities could easily install them  
> that way.


If it really is so that the gtamacfonts package is the main reason for  
the inclusion of the font utilities, it does sound reasonable to leave  
them out.

One thing I wonder is why i-installer should be included in the first  
place. Don't get me wrong, I love i-installer and have spent many  
happy hours downloading TeX and many other things with it. But would a  
user figure that, because it is a part of the TeX Live package, the  
software available through it has been packaged or is in some way  
known and approved of by TeX live builders? as Gerben is not offering  
support for it or the packages distributed through it, it seems that  
it would giving users just enough rope to hang themselves with (pardon  
the macabre metaphor). If there are links to i-installer pages on the  
Mac TeX home pages, users can find i-installer, and use it  

Of course, officially, none of the TeX live utilities come with any  
warranty or promise of support; but the reality is that Prof. Koch and  
many others do make themselves available for questions and help.  
Gerben has withdrawn from participation in open help forums such as  
this mailing list, and there are few others able to provide the level  
of help that those on this list can provide with other Mac and TeX  
related questions and issues.

Regards to all,

Adam G.

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