[OS X TeX] Questions about font maps

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue May 13 18:15:19 EDT 2008

Am 13.05.2008 um 23:26 schrieb Francesco Costanzo:

>   (i) What is the correct set up that one should have? That is, I  
> am going to run into troubles in the future given that my own  
> "~.texlive2007" folder does not look like what is produced by  
> "TeXLive-2007-Dev" distribution I used yesterday?

I recommend, probably being the only one, to do system-wide  
installations. There can be situations that on-one else is allowed to  
use a bought font, then a "personal" setup would be necessary. This  
can become a bit tiresome since all the system MAP file fragments  
need to be enabled for the user too plus  the one for the bought font.

It can also be annoying that user B sees fonts enabled that are owned  
by user A and therefore cannot be accessed by B ...

>  (ii) Why did the guess in [8] worked?

Because TeX first searches the personal tree where updmap without - 
sys stores its MAP files.

> (iii) Why running "updmap-sys" did not update the maps under  
> "~.textlive2007"?

The -sys version writes into one of the system's TeX trees. So its  
MAP files come later in the search order. And: it's not good  
behaviour when a system tool produces files not owned by the user in  
the user's part of the file system.



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