[OS X TeX] getting pdflatex to use Adobe fonts instead of Nimbus.

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Wed May 14 01:47:35 EDT 2008

On  13 May, 2008, at 07:59, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> The command should be:
> 	sudo updmap-sys --setoption LW35=ADOBEkb (or ADOBE without Karl  
> Berry font names)
> It's not documented, and I've *almost* forgotten it. I hope  
> SpotLight will remember ... (on my NeXT Mac too?)

You have to look in two man pages:

1) man updmap tells you about --setoption and what options there are:

> --setoption option value
>               Set option to value, where option is one of:
>               dvipsPreferOutline
>               LW35
>               [...]

but not the values for them.

2) man updmap.cfg tells you what values there are for those options:

> LW35
>        Which fonts of the "Basic 35 Laserwriter Fonts" do you want  
> to use
>        and how are the filenames chosen? Valid settings:
>        URW:     URW fonts with "vendor" filenames (e.g. n019064l.pfb)
>        URWkb:   URW fonts with "berry" filenames (e.g. uhvbo8ac.pfb)
>        ADOBE:   Adobe fonts with "vendor" filenames (e.g.  
> hvnbo___.pfb)
>        ADOBEkb: Adobe fonts with  "berry" filenames (e.g.  
> phvbo8an.pfb)



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