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Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 16 15:32:00 EDT 2008

George Gratzer wrote:
> To illustrate the problem, here is a link:
> http://anziamj.austms.org.au/JAMSA/V52/Part1/Gratzer/p0057.html
> I want to convert this (and the next 30 pages) into a pdf file. The 
> problem is: printing it as a pdf, makes it into a document of two pages. 
> Then I have to use Photoshop to crop and paste the two into one. Not 
> easy work, because the end of the first page cuts a line (slanted) into 
> two.
> The solution would be to save it as a 8.5 X 11 pdf page, but I do not 
> know how to do that. there is no page setup.

Seeing that these are png images, the following worked for me:

In bash, run the commands

  mkdir gratzer
  cd gratzer
  for N in `jot 31 57`
    wget http://anziamj.austms.org.au/JAMSA/V52/Part1/Gratzer/p00$N.png
  open *

This opens all 31 downloaded png files in one Preview.app window (works 
on 10.5; for 10.4 I am not so sure.)

Then select all pages with cmd-A in the sidebar and choose File->Print 
selected pages. Print to pdf, and you have a nice 31 page pdf file.


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