[inbox] Re: [OS X TeX] OT: OS X 10.5.3

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at ensmp.fr
Thu May 29 16:13:55 EDT 2008

Le 29 mai 08 à 16:43, pacotomi a écrit :

> Le 28 mai 08 à 21:33, François Chaplais a écrit :
>> I would appreciate as much feedback on this as (personnally) this  
>> issue is the only one that keeps me from switching to leopard...
> Feedback on what ? xpdf or the bug ?
> I currently use Fourier. The small caps crashed preview, skim etc.  
> (except Adobe Acrobat).  With 10.5.3 all is fine (viewing and  
> printing).
> pacotomi

My apologies for hitting the "send" button in mail.app too fast. I  
will just layout my workflow, the question being: this works in  
10.4.11, will it work in 10.5.3?

I work with a colleague who runs a windows machine. By decreasing  
order of frequency, I:

1) edit LaTeX+(amsmath,amssymb,amsthm,epsfig,graphics) source files  
in plain ASCII (with Alpha X); typeset and preview in TeXshop 
+pdflatex with the october 2007 MacTeX release. Classes are plain  
article or journal based classes. Font are either CM or Times, AFAIK.  
Figures are PDF (either from various Mac apps, or converted from EPS  
to PDF by TeXshop).
2) mail sources and/or PDF files generated in the previous step to my  
colleague (who works with a windows XP machine). He sends me back the  
same kind of files (ASCII source and/or EPS or PDF) by mail.
3) Occasionally, I print the typeset from TeXshop (who is, of course,  
not responsible for badly written printer drivers).

I have understood (perhaps mistakingly) that step 3 could fail in  
Leopard. I do not use fonts other than very, very standard fonts (CM  
and/or Times essentially). I do only two things with Preview: preview  
and print.

So, do you have some indication that this will work in 10.5.3?

thanks for your patience


P.S. I use LaTeXit when I need small chunks of PDF'd LaTeX

Francois Chaplais

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