[OS X TeX] "Find" and 10.5.3

Wayne Richter richter at math.umn.edu
Fri May 30 01:22:34 EDT 2008

Being quite unorganized, I have difficulty in remembering the last /label 
used in a manuscript. If I do a "Find 
All" command, it lists all the occurences of, for example, \label{eq:
which makes it very easy to see the last label I used for equations.
Quite by accident I found that if I leave this "Find" window open and 
click the box for "Live Update"
at the bottom of the window, it automatically updates this information 
everytime I Typeset.
This is a wonderful feature that provides continuous information about 
the labels used.

However, after upgrading to 10.5.3 this Live Update feature no longer 
Has anyone else had this problem? I would love to get it back again.

I am using a PowerBook G4.


P.S. By the way this is a wonderful Mailing List.

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