[OS X TeX] Annoying behavior in TeXShop 2.18

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Mon Sep 1 10:15:32 EDT 2008

Le 1 sept. 08 à 15:25, Victor Ivrii a écrit :

> http://tug.org/mactex/2008/
> It will take time to propagate but it is on tug I presume (max 11  
> connections)

There's been a MacTeX-2008 put together by Dick Koch for the first  
time on June 25, and tested privately since then. It has undergone a  
lot of successive iterations, some mere bug fixes and other deep  
architectural changes. It's been built alongside TeXLive-2008, and  
some people from the TeXLive team, like Karl Berry, have worked on  
this MacTeX-2008 too.

Most of the work, though, has been done by Dick Koch who has patiently  
and tirelessly considered all the remarks and suggestions of the  
testers, triaging them, putting together a whole new release each  
time, writing from scratch informative ReadMe files for the new  
features (like tlmgr aka TeX Live Manager), compiling and packaging  
Perl/Tk for the Mac so that the X11 version of this tlmgr can be used,  
and so forth...

The last beta release was on August 25, and announced by Dick as  
probably the last before public release. So please be patient just a  
little bit more, and MacTeX-2008 should come very soon as the plug-and- 
play TeXLive for the Mac that we all love.

I'm not sure it's wise downloading MacTeX-2008 now from the address  
you give, before Dick makes an official announcement. Last year when  
MacTeX-2007 was released a mirror "network" has not yet been put into  
place, and on the day of the release the TUG server was brought down  
very rapidly (remember the huge 1GB size of the download).

Maybe the fact that Dick's not made an official announcement yet means  
all this mirror infrastructure has not been put into place completely,  
or the web page you link too is a draft not yet meant to be made  
public. Personally I'd recommend to wait until the release is  
announced officially.

Bruno Voisin

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