[OS X TeX] MacTeX Status, and ImageMagick

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Wed Sep 3 21:39:56 EDT 2008


I've been looking at specific CTAN sites. Quite a number of them have  
MacTeX-2008. By looking at mirror sites yourself, you should be able  
to find it. If so, go ahead and download. If by tomorrow morning we  
decide that the mirror gets confused between old versions and new  
ones, we are likely to post a list of specific sites on the MacTeX web  

Let me publicly reply to several messages about ImageMagick in MacTeX.  
If you have ImageMagick from another source, I'd recommend that you  
continue using it and custom install MacTeX to avoid its "convert."  
Supporting ImageMagick was beginning to be complicated; should we  
install the X11 version, and if so what do we do with people on 10.3  
and 10.4 who didn't install X11? Better to leave it to the experts to  
install a full and completely up to date version. Thus I proposed  
eliminating ImageMagick entirely. But I told told that TeX4ht requires  
"convert" in ImageMagick and we want all TeX programs to work right  
out of the box. So we confirmed that TeX4ht only requires "convert,"  
and just installed that.

Go ahead, Bypass our ImageMagick. You won't hurt our feelings.


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