[OS X TeX] TeXLive2008's iso image

Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Sep 4 07:09:24 EDT 2008

TeXLive2008's iso image is compressed as a .lzma file yielding 1.29GB.  
The lzma utilities are not part of a standard OS X system, hence one  
has to install them first and using the terminal to decompress the  
file. The lzma compression was hailed as being vastly superior to the  
zip compression which is part of most standard unix systems and on a  
Mac a zip compressed file will automatically be decompressed by  

Out of curiosity I compressed the uncompressed iso image (2.44GB) as  
a .zip file resulting in a 1.42GB file; that small gain of less than  
10% is not worth the trouble.


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