[OS X TeX] TeXLive2008's iso image

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Thu Sep 4 08:59:28 EDT 2008

Le 4 sept. 08 à 14:30, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> Am 04.09.2008 um 13:09 schrieb Claus Gerhardt:
>> The lzma utilities are not part of a standard OS X system, hence  
>> one has to install them first and using the terminal to decompress  
>> the file.
> TL2008 comes with lzma.

What do you mean? I checked with MacTeX-2008, there's no lzma in /usr/ 
local/texlive/2008/bin/universal-darwin. Or do you mean lzma is  
provided on the DVD? Then that's a kind of chicken-and-egg situation:  
you need the DVD to get lzma, but you need lzma to extract the DVD ISO  
image from the downloaded .lzma file.

Apparently GNU tar is able to process lzma archives, starting from  
version 1.20. Alas, Mac OS X Leopard includes version 1.15.1 only. So  
it seems for now that downloading the command-line lzma utils from <http://tukaani.org/lzma/download 
 > is the only way forward. I didn't try the 7zX archiver <http://sixtyfive.xmghosting.com/products/7zx/ 
 > for the 7z format based on lzma, but judging from its doc I think  
it cannot process .lzma files directly.

Bruno Voisin

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