[OS X TeX] Updating preview in TeXShop?

Stephen Anderson sra at yale.edu
Thu Sep 4 12:52:26 EDT 2008

I like to do my editing in Aquamacs emacs and preview the pdf in  
TeXShop.  As a result, I'm very happy with the automatic updating  
feature in the current version of TS (which I have set to "configure  
for external editor" and "automatic preview update").  The only  
problem: some files get updated, and others don't.  I can't find any  
obvious difference between two files that are both open in Aquamacs  
right now, but with one of them, when I make a change and then run  
LaTeX within Aquamacs, the preview updates, and with the other, it  
doesn't.  I've tried shutting everything down, rebooting, and starting  
clean, but this one file never seems to trigger automatic updating,  
despite the fact that the .pdf file is changed.

Where can I look for some property of this file that's causing this?

Steve Anderson

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