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Adam M. Goldstein a.m.goldstein at mac.com
Thu Sep 4 19:41:10 EDT 2008

On Sep 4, 2008, at 7:25 PM, Dr. Clea F. Rees wrote:

> I believe you will only find the package if you chose to install the
> GUI apps. (The GUI for tlmgr is pretty much the only reason I used  
> this
> option.)

Once I was clued in to what was happening that's what I did too.

> The installer installs five binaries in /usr/local/bin as well as the
> Perl module. The latter can be compiled from source using cpan, for  
> example - although, as I mentioned, make test is failing for me so it
> won't actually install in my case. I am not sure about the five
> binaries, though.

I didn't have any problems and I think I have whatever comes with  
Leopard. I know I've never installed Perl.

> You could download the MacTeX additions (which I think has  
> everything bar TL itself) rather than the 1.15 gigs.

This worked---just install everything---then I removed BibDesk and TS  
and other GUI's that I already have.

Everything works fine now---the tlmgr is very impressive!

Thanks also to Dick who responded with another message in this same  

> Or somebody could email you just the package. I'm not sure if this is
> permissible, though.
> - cfr
> On 04/09/08, you seem to have written:
>> On Sep 4, 2008, at 6:36 PM, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>>> On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 6:03 PM, Dr. Clea F. Rees <cfrees at imapmail.org 
>>> > wrote:
>>>> My custom install went very smoothly with the MacTeX installer.
>>>> I wanted to install the TeX Live Manager and I used the package  
>>>> from
>>>> /Applications/TeX/Utilities/TeX\ Live\ Manager to attempt this.
>>> TeXLive Manager is installed by MacTeX2008 (or TeXLive2008) and it
>>> runs from terminal:
>>> type
>>> %tlmgr --help
>>> The package in this directory installs Tk module for Perl which
>>> provides X11 hookup for tlmgr
>>> (and for texdoctk)
>>> Run X11 and type in terminal
>>> %tlmgr --gui
>> Feeling a little foolish---I installed the new TL/mactex without  
>> any problems and it works wonderfully---the command line tlmgr  
>> works too--but I am not seeing the package that Clea R is referring  
>> to in my /Applications/Tex/... folder. In fact I don't that the  
>> "utilities" folder at all. I didn't install any of the GUI tools  
>> such as TeXShop since I already have those . . . perhaps I  
>> unwittingly also failed to install the TK module as well, in doing  
>> the custom install? I've looked at both the "extras" and the  
>> "MacTeX additions" installers, but no Tk.
>> So, where is the Tk module in MacTeX 2008--should I get the whole  
>> distribution again and start over? What option to I pick in doing  
>> the install?
>> Or maybe there's a Tk binary out there somewhere, or something I  
>> could compile from source---not knowing much about Tk, I don't even  
>> know where to begin.
>> TIA to all who consider this request which seems to me must have an  
>> obvious answer, don't know why I can't see it myself.
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