[OS X TeX] A short note on synchronization

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Sep 5 07:02:30 EDT 2008

Am 05.09.2008 um 11:47 schrieb Bruno Voisin:

> First, in order to get TeXShop's presets right, you need to move  
> away ~/Library/Preferences/TeXShop.plist and ~/Library/TeXShop  
> before launching the new TeXShop for the first time. In this way  
> you will get these file and folder recreated with the appropriate  
> presets when launching TeXShop. Of course, you'll need to merge  
> back your previous changes if any afterwards.

And upon first launch of TeXShop it seems to be necessary to set  
default positions (and sizes) of TeXShop's editor and viewer windows  
first, and relaunch, as shown in one of the movies. Otherwise, as I  
had to experience, TeXShop's viewer shows a very strange and unwanted  
behaviour, obviously not following the set preferences, at least on  
Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.11).



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