[OS X TeX] A short note on synchronization

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Fri Sep 5 12:12:22 EDT 2008

Le 5 sept. 08 à 17:40, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> Am 05.09.2008 um 16:28 schrieb Franck Pastor:
>> Are the double quotes around --synctex=1 absolutely necessary here?
> No. A shell will see the text as one word or argument, the way you  
> use it in your question is OK for the shell as well.

Here I followed blindly the syntax suggested by simpdftex's help

> $ simpdftex --help
> This is simpdftex, 20070809
> [...]
> 	--extratexopts
> 		Give extra arbitrary arguments to tex, e.g.
> 		--extratexopts "--interaction=nonstopmode"
> 		Sets extra options for the tex command that is used.
> [...]

but you're certainly right: the quotes are unnecessary in the present  
case, they're probably suggested for people who are willing to give  
several extra arguments to tex. Likewise, you can probably use "-"  
instead of "--" for the arguments.

That's confirmed by the way you can make TeXworks use SyncTeX with TeX  
+ dvips + distiller. I don't know whether there are TeXworks users  
here. TeXworks is preset to use either pdfTeX or XeTeX, but you can  
make it use TeX + dvips + distiller by defining additional "processing  
tools", similar to TeXShop's engines (it required a bit of trial-and- 
error I must admit).

More precisely, there's a GUI for defining engines, accessible in  
TeXworks Preferences > Typesetting > Processing tools, and in this GUI  
you can obtain LaTeX + dvips + distiller with SyncTeX by adding a new  

	simpdftex latex --extratexopts --synctex=1

which in terms of the GUI corresponds to

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