[OS X TeX] customizing latex-suite

Brian Koontz brian at pongonova.net
Sun Sep 7 11:05:43 EDT 2008

On Sun, Sep 07, 2008 at 02:53:42PM +0200, Berend Hasselman wrote:
> This is Vim. Not LaTeX and not MacTeX.

Doris clearly stated she's using MacTeX.  And LaTeX is clearly
supported by latex-suite.
> I would imagine a better place to ask questions would be  here:
> http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=475 and 
> http://vim-latex.sourceforge.net/

Probably not, since she had Mac-specific questions, and she is using
latex-suite with MacTeX.

> unless of course someone on this list knows about Vim.
> I wouldn't have a clue.

Some do have a clue here.

> BTW: you could always just delete the if/else/endif and just force  
> generation of pdf.

No need for that.  


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