[OS X TeX] tlmgr has updates

Dr. Clea F. Rees cfrees at imapmail.org
Sun Sep 7 15:52:11 EDT 2008

> I am building to universal-darwin binaries. I haven't remade any of them 
> recently.

Yet universal-darwin binaries are listed in the newly available
updates. Is this just a question of things taking a while to become
available (i.e. Dick Koch didn't build them recently but they only just
became available to tlmgr)? Or is somebody else also building them?

I also have a question about the listings. For some packages, two items
are listed e.g. bin-pdftools and bin-pdftools.universal-darwin. I'm
guessing the former includes stuff that is common to all platforms
whereas the latter includes the stuff specific to darwin. Is that right?

For other packages which would include binaries (I think) only one
package is listed e.g. bin-texdoc. What does this mean exactly? I'm
wondering whether it means that texdoc.universal-darwin has not been
updated - maybe only files common to all platforms have altered, for
example. (That is, bin-texdoc doesn't actually include binaries but
includes the files needed by the binaries in the various
platform-specific packages bin-texdoc.universal-darwin etc.)

I realise I should really find my way through the documentation

- cfr

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