[OS X TeX] Re: Ghostscript and ImageMagick

Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Mon Sep 8 06:10:54 EDT 2008

At 10:10 +0200 8/9/08, Pierfranco Minsenti wrote:

>what dou you mean by "symbolic link"? In the Mac is this what is 
>normally called an "alias"?

No. There is no Finder command to make a symbolic link, you have to 
use the terminal although I believe that there is a shareware using 
the GUI.

>  That is: should I point to /opt/local/bin/gs, Ctrl+click of the 
>mouse, and from the contextual menu select Create alias and then 
>move this alias to the directory /usr/local/bin/ ? Is this what you 

No. You have to use in terminal the ln -s command, see the man pages.

Peter Vamos

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