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Michael Kubovy kubovy at virginia.edu
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Although I do recommend LaTeX to my students, some resist, and I don't  
force them for the reasons CFR mentions.

The issue of journals not accepting PDF or LaTeX and requiring RTF or  
MSW, has made me feel like I'm on a Quixotic quest. (Conversion to RTF  
is not bad, as long as you do not use any more esoteric commands. A  
student of mine recently had to change 40+ commands to get  the  
conversion to RTF to work.)
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On Sep 18, 2008, at 9:47 AM, cfrees at imapmail.org wrote:

> Then again, I wouldn't really recommend LaTeX to somebody in my  
> field as things are. Way too many conferences/journals etc. won't  
> take PDF submissions. So maybe that's part of it, too. If OpenOffice  
> had been as good as it is now (on OS X), I'm not sure I would have  
> switched to LaTeX. I only really did it because Word kept chucking  
> my work away and I couldn't find a decent alternative at the time.  
> Which isn't to say that I would consider switching to OpenOffice now  
> - though I have been
> wondering recently if this wouldn't really be a whole lot more  
> sensible. Turning LaTeX into Word is a real pain.

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