[OS X TeX] Automatic linebreak in table - just do not get it work

Niels Kobschaetzki n.kobschaetzki at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 28 14:35:11 EDT 2008


I tried now several attempts to get an automatic linebreak to work in
a table. I tried tabularx and tabular(*) but I just do not get the
content of the table on a page. I hate to admit it but those last 3 or
4 hours trying to make it work and googling around make me miss some
word processors of several office-products.
The table is:

Gewerbe & Kapitaleinlage & Angestellte (Mittelunternehmen) &
Angestellte (Kleinunternehmen) \\
	produzierende Industrie, Baugewerbe, Untengy\={o} (fahrendes Gewerbe)
& <300 Mio \yen (1,8 Mio \euro) & <300 Angestellte & <20\\
	Großhandel & <100 Mio \yen (ca. 600.000 \euro) & <100 & <5\\
	Serviceindustrie & <50 Mio \yen (ca. 300.000 \euro) & <100 & <5\\
	Kleinhandel & unter 50 Mio \yen (ca. 300.000 \euro) & <50 & <5\\
\caption{Defintion von KMU nach Industrie in Zahlen}

The table above is just the latest attempt to get it to work. Can
anyone help me there?


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