[OS X TeX] problem with komascript's pagestyle and texLive 2008

Alex Hamann Alexander.Hamann at stud-mail.uni-wuerzburg.de
Sun Sep 28 14:44:58 EDT 2008

> Thanks for all the replies. Jonathan is right, it is to be typeset  
> by XeLaTeX.
> Any ideas why this works with TeXLive 2007 but not with the more  
> recent version?
> The combination of the this line in my source "Contextuals= 
> {NoWordInitial, NoWordFinal, NoLineInitial, NoLineFinal, NoInner}"  
> with pagestyle{scrpage2} seems to lead to the problem. As I have  
> the latest KOMA-Script in my personal texmf tree it seems as if the  
> problem does not come from changes in KOMA-Script but from the  
> contextuals and thus fontspec, right?
> This is the output of the typesetting process:


(Seemingly) endless try-and-error resulted in this preamble that does  
not lead to the segmentation fault with MacTex 2008 Basic when the  
italic shape of Hoefler is invoked in the headings with scrpage2:



\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Hoefler Text}

{Hoefler Text Italic}
  \ihead{\unfancy Essay}
  \ohead{\unfancy Alexander Hamann}


it still seems weird that a segmentation fault happens when a shape  
of Hoefler is invoked in the header that works perfectly fine in the  
document's body. Even though my imminent problem is now solved I  
wonder what is responsible for this.

Thanks to all who helped here.


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