[OS X TeX] XyMTex

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Sun Sep 28 19:09:00 EDT 2008

At 12:34 PM -0700 9/28/08, Kirk Steyer wrote:
>I would like to get a chemical structure drawing such as XyMTex 
>working for TexShop, but I do not know how to install.  If someone 
>knows how to help Please.  Kirk

Download the .lzh from Fujita's site. It should expand into a folder 
called xymtex.

Put this folder inside ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex

Ideally you should move the manual (in the doc402403 folder) to 
somewhere texdoc can find it e.g. ~/Library/texmf/doc  If you rename 
the manual xymtex you can just type from a terminal window

  texdoc xymtex

  to open it.

It seems the package has postscript and non postscript versions 
(xymtex and xymtexps)

If you use the latter, you'll need to compile using TeX+Ghostsript. 
The easiest way to do this in TeXShop is to put

%!TEX TS-program =  latex

as the first line of your file.


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