[OS X TeX] HIeroTeX package in TeXShop

Benoit RIVET benoit.rivet at free.fr
Sun Aug 2 10:46:06 EDT 2009

Le 31 juil. 09 à 09:21, Robert B. Gozzoli a écrit :

> Dear List Members (and sorry for the crossposting),
> I am actually an Egyptologist trying to implement TeXShop with  
> HIeroTeX. I have read the way HieroTeX should be made active in  
> TeXShop, but there is something the instructions do not say. In  
> particular, they list a long list of files which are not actually  
> existing.
> If TeXShope engine list is checked by some of the list members, one  
> of the inactive engines is Hiero. In particular, the file texm- 
> list, gives some files which are not installed by HieroTeX. The  
> list is as follows:
> texmf/fonts/pk/ljfour/public/hierotex/mf:
> (...).pk
> These files cannot be found anywhere in the installation process.  
> If someone has been able to integrate TeXShop and HieroTeX, may I  
> ask you the big favour to share such information with me?

I was able to use TeXShop and HieroTex, following instructions found  
on http://www.filipvervloesem.be/hierotexosx/Site/ 
How_to_install_HieroTeX_on_Mac_OS_X.html (which you should have found  
easily with your favorite search engine) and the Hiero engine.

The list of .pk files you give should not be necessary to use  
HieroTex: they are supposed to be created on the fly using the  
source .mf files, if no type1 version of the font is installed. The  
HieroFonteA.600pk is created with HieroFonteA.mf, which sould be  
somewhere in fonts/source/hierotex/mf in your texmf.

However, if you installed the type1 version of the fonts (as  
explained on F. Vervloesem's page) you should not use pk fonts and  
all the pk files you cite will never be created.

Benoît RIVET

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