[OS X TeX] Problem with aspell

Matthias Damm mad at nefkom.net
Tue Aug 4 07:36:24 EDT 2009

Am 03.08.2009 um 23:40 schrieb Arthur Snoke:

> I am converting from 10.4 PPC to 10.5 INTEL.  I just installed the  
> MacTex 2008 package and downloaded MacTextras.  Because I had used  
> ispell/aspell for text files and in my alpine mailing program, I  
> installed aspell.  I cannot get it to work.

This is probably a long-standing problem with CocoAspell if you  
migrate from a PPC to a Intel machine.
I suppose you used the migration manager to move your system to your  
new machine?

The problem is that there is a PPC and a Intel version of CocoAspell.
But if you try to re-install the INtel version if the PPC version is  
already installed (which it is on your system if the migration tool  
moved it), the installer won't update anything.

The trick is (IIRC, please check the archive of this list if this  
doesn't work, I probably wrote about it already) to remove the Receipt  
file from the installer (/Library/Receipts/aspell.pkg).
After that, you can re-install the Intel version and it will actually  
install the update.

I informed the author of CocoAspell about this years ago, but he  
obviously didn't fix it.

best regards


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