[OS X TeX] Problem with aspell

Arthur Snoke snoke at vt.edu
Tue Aug 4 11:17:37 EDT 2009

Thanks for the responses.

After the first, I did my best to clear the brain of cocoaspell and aspell 
and installed aspell-0.60.6 and then aspell6-en-6.0-0 (I am more 
comfortable with command-line processing).  After doing a make install for 
the dictionaries, I am back to where I was on 10.4.  In that case, I was 
unsuccessful with the personal dictionaries -- being able to add words. 
Maybe I will try again for that one.

I was even able to spell-check this message!

On Tue, 4 Aug 2009, Herbert Schulz wrote:

> On Aug 4, 2009, at 6:36 AM, Matthias Damm wrote:
>> The trick is (IIRC, please check the archive of this list if this doesn't 
>> work, I probably wrote about it already) to remove the Receipt file from 
>> the installer (/Library/Receipts/aspell.pkg).
>> After that, you can re-install the Intel version and it will actually 
>> install the update.
> Howdy,
> I ran into the same problem and the author suggested I remove the 
> Spelling.pkg, aspell.pkg and AspellEnglishDictionary.pkg receipts from 
> /Library/Receipts/ before installing the Intel version of cocoAspell 2.0.4. 
> It appears that I do, in fact, have the Intel versions of the preference pane 
> and aspell installed but, unlike others that have had success with this 
> method, I still can't get it to find spelling errors. (Yes, I did choose the 
> proper dictionary, etc., in the Show Spelling and Grammar (Cmd-:) pane in 
> TeXShop [it's universal so once you set it there all applications will 
> use---maybe not so smart].
> At one time I used Excalibur, which works very well, but opening another 
> application, even with a macro, doesn't feel right.
> I've finally resorted to using Apple's spell checker and save command names, 
> etc., that come up. After a bit of use it is getting pretty good at skipping 
> over command names, etc., but it will never be perfect.
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> (herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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