[OS X TeX] Trashing synctex.gz file

Glen Helman helmang at wabash.edu
Thu Aug 6 08:16:12 EDT 2009

On Aug 6, 2009, at 5:34 AM, Josep Maria Font wrote:

> El dia 05/08/2009, a les 22:53, Herbert Schulz va escriure:
>> On Aug 5, 2009, at 1:55 PM, Josep Maria Font wrote:
>>> I want that when I choose menu item "Trash AUX files", or its  
>>> keyboard shortcut cmd-ctrl-A, the synchronization file  
>>> "jobname.synctex.gz" is also trashed along with .aux, etc. I tried  
>>> to add the extension to the standard list by following TeXShop  
>>> Help's advice, i.e., in the Terminal I wrote:
>>> defaults write TeXShop OtherTrashExtensions -array-add "synctex.gz"
>>> but this seems to have no effect. Any ideas ?
>> You might try adding just synctex alone to the list.
> I already tried it, it doesn't work either.
>> Actually I use a macro that I got quite a long time ago. I like it  
>> because the source window doesn't have to be active (I can use it  
>> with the Preview or Console active) to get the job done. Adding  
>> synctex to the list there worked nicely. You may need to fix up  
>> broken lines in the email or copy and paste from the attached file.
> Thanks for the script. I suppose I can also add it to the Macros  
> menu of TeXShop.

An option that has worked for me is to add the extension "gz" to the  
list and then use the "aggressive" form of aux trashing (which, since  
it trashes anything with the specified extensions, seems willing to  
trash "jobname.synctex" followed by "gz"). However, aggressive aux  
trashing casts a pretty wide net and you may need something more  

Glen Helman

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