[OS X TeX] auto-pst-pdf

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Wed Aug 12 06:48:12 EDT 2009

On Aug 12, 2009, at 3:36 AM, Doris Wagner wrote:

> ...
> third:
> I can't find a file called pst-pdfmk.engine anywhere in ~/Li*/Te*/ 
> Engines
> or anywhere else... where should this be???
> thanx very much for your help!
> doris


That kind of explains why the rest didn't work!

The first trial with pdflatexmk doesn't work (latexmk gets into a run  
on condition [6=infinity for latexmk]) because files are being updated  
behind latexmk's back and it keeps seeing the updated files and wants  
to run again. That's why I made the pst-pdfmk engine; latexmk  
recursively controls all the processing steps needed.

If you really don't have the pst-pdfmk engine file look into ~/Library/ 
TeXShop/Engines/Inactive/Latexmk/ and move the engines there into the  
Engines folder. I'm not sure why you have pdflatexmk but not the others.

You can always dowwnload the latest version of latexmk (4.08 right  
now) along with all the other needed files (to be placed in ~/Library/ 
TeXShop/bin/ and .../Engines/) with instructions, etc., as  
Latexmk408TeXShop226.zip (don't worry about the 226 part) from <http://homepage.mac.com/herbs2 

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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