[OS X TeX] Texshop and Applescript

Ulrich Groh ugroh at mac.com
Fri Aug 21 03:01:27 EDT 2009

I am using Texshop and I changed the macro "Insert Reference" by  
replacing the true in false in the macro:


property only_scan_current_file : true
-- If false, the script will search through every .tex file in the  
folder containing the current file.
-- This is useful for projects with other \include{} -ed files in the  
same folder.
-- Otherwise, it will only look in the current file.


Running this macro now I get the error message:

Finder got an error: Can't get container of document file "foo.tex"

I am running OS X 10.5.7 and Texshop 2.26.

Thanks for any help


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