[OS X TeX] [OFF] Antique AV?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Aug 27 17:40:49 EDT 2009

Am 27.08.2009 um 22:32 schrieb david craig:

> I figure this would be the perfect crowd to see if anyone can  
> identify this antique piece of AV equipment:

I wouldn't write it's AV (Audio/Video), it's a projector for papers  
you insert near the bottom. I know these things under the name  
"episcope." (From epi, Greek for on, onto, and scopein, Greek for to  
show?) If the body plate is a mirror you can also insert transparent  
sheets. Then it's an epidiascope.

Already checked Wikipedia? After Google image search...



Some day we may discover how to make magnets that can point in any  

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