[OS X TeX] Natbib cfg file question

Nathan Paxton napaxton at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 12 11:07:03 EST 2009

	Hi all,

	I have two quick questions about using a natbib.cfg file for one of  
my .bst files.

1.	If I want to use the same natbib.cfg for pretty much all of my  
bibliographies that use a particular style, where would be the best  
place to put it? Somewhere in ~/Library/texmf?
2.	I have slightly different versions of the same bst, using the same  
stem name: chicagonapA, chicagonapB, etc. Is there a wild card  
character I can use in a commandlike the following, so that as long as  
I use a file with the stem name, the configuration command will be used?
\newcommand{\bibstyle at chicagonap}{%
     \bibpunct[; ]{(}{)}{;}{a}{}{,}%

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