[OS X TeX] Kanbun (漢文) and French...

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Fri Jan 2 07:55:31 EST 2009

I am looking for the (relatively) simplest way to typeset a French  
booklet (~50 pages) about kanbun.

There are basically 5 parts. The first is all in French (preface etc).  
The second is in French and comes with numerous examples in kanbun.  
The layout is:

(col 1) transcription and translation
(col 2) kanbun example

Then there is an all French part (transcriptions and translations),  
and an all kanbun part (texts transcribed and translated in the third  
part). The last part is a series of short biographical notices for the  
studied text authors.

The booklet itself was created on a typewriter in 85 and all the  
kanbun is hand-written.

With a proper typesetting environment it should be possible to mix  
more kanbun/Japanese in the French text and considerably prettify the  
whole thing.

I've spend pretty much all of yesterday looking for a solution, but  
since I am not a user of TeX/LateX I was a little lost. What I  
understood though was that the kanbun part was the most complex, and  
that is the part I really do not want to mess.

Any suggestion ?

Jean-Christophe Helary

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