Re: [OS X TeX] Kanbun (漢文) and French...

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jan 2 11:06:50 EST 2009

Am 02.01.2009 um 16:23 schrieb Maarten Sneep:

> If you don't need other Fink supplied tools, then please remove all  
> traces of it, and switch to MacTeX: easier to maintain, and it is  
> what most knowledgeable people use on this list. We will be able to  
> help you better that way.

At least in 2009 and TeX related it's indeed a better choice to use  
"real" TeX Live 2008. It comes with it's own package manager (command  
line or X11 tlmgr, needs for the GUI PerlTk that Apple does not  
provide), so you can update the software every day and not when the  
Fink maintainers think of it and have time to perform it. And there  
is a Mac OS X tool, TeX Live Utility, in fast developing that you  
won't need X11 or PerlTK.

Downloading the recently updated Mac TeX 2008 (1 GB or so) is indeed  
not a bad idea. It will come with some useful Mac OS X applications –  
and also a PerlTK package. And it might work to declare this  
installation as the system's teTeX ... (actually I still have to  
prove this in the next days when I'll install TeX Live 2008 from DVD)



Without vi there is only GNU Emacs

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