[OS X TeX] [ANN] TeX Live Utility 0.4

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Fri Jan 2 20:41:34 EST 2009

On Jan 2, 2009, at 10:23 PM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> There can only be one PATH. To achieve this edit ~/.MacOSX/ 
> environment.plist to correct its faulty settings and use for bash:
> 	export PATH=$(defaults read "${HOME}/.MacOSX/environment" PATH)
> 	export MANPATH=$(defaults read "${HOME}/.MacOSX/environment" MANPATH)

Oh great.  Now you'll be using a command that is documented to break  
at some time in the future [1] to read a file that shouldn't be used  
in the first place [2].  Debugging problems caused by  
environment.plist has caused me and other developers many hours of  
frustration.  Please don't advise other people to do this.

[1] see my earlier quote from the man page for defaults(1)
[2] setting PATH in environment.plist is a last-resort hack, like  
turning your underwear inside out when the drawer is empty

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