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Re-bonjour Jean-Christophe,

> Now I use, in the middle of the French "Avertissement", a Vietnamese  
> word (hán vǎn) that misses the "ǎ" when I typeset the text with  
> the above settings. Depending on the preambles I use (either mine or  
> a modified version of yours) I either get "v n" or "vn".
> I suppose I am starting to see the beginning of multilingual TeX  
> here...
> Jean-Christophe Helary

If I have correctly read all the messages of this thread, you have now  
the MacTeX package installed.
Open Terminal and type: texdoc vntex and you'll see something like this:


This file is part of VnTeX.  License: LPPL, version 1.3 or newer,

Authors: Han The Thanh <HanTheThanh at> and
          Reinhard Kotucha <Reinhard.Kotucha at>

The primary site of VnTeX is

There is a mailing list (very low traffic) for questions about
VnTeX and typesetting Vietnamese.  To subscribe to the list, visit

I. Typesetting Vietnamese

In order to typeset Vietnamese you need an editor in which you can

Scroll down with Space and you'll read that you can add vietnam to  
frenchb in Babel package options.

Jean-Claude DE SOZA
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