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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sat Jan 3 05:51:48 EST 2009

Am 03.01.2009 um 02:10 schrieb Jean-Christophe Helary:

> Your code did not work because Texshop complained about not having  
> the "native" font Lucida Bright etc.

I mentioned this, writing about "customisation."

> I removed that part and pressed the typeset button and your one  
> liner appeared but without the 2 kanji.

Of course, because you were obviously using a font that has no  
Japanese glyphs.

> I tried the code present in the MacTex package Readme file, but  
> that failed too to properly display French.
> So, the question is, is there a tutorial somewhere for Texshop/ 
> Xetex/French so that I can first test a few lines a proceed, with  
> what should not such a hard typesetting job ?

There is none, AFAIK. You could write one ...

The important start is: 'texdoc fontspec' on the command line. Or  
feed /usr/local/texlive/2008/texmf-dist/doc/xelatex/fontspec/ 
fontspec.pdf some other way to some PDF viewer or printer.

\usepackage{xltxtra,xunicode} loads with xltxtra.sty some macros that  
can be useful, I think mostly in a Latin scripts environment (texdoc  
xltxtra), and with (somehow "undocumented") xunicode.sty a file that  
translates LaTeX 7-bit constructs like \"i into their proper Unicode  
representation (just look into it in some editor). (Therefore a  
documentation is not necessary.) Since they both depend on fontspec  
they load it if it hasn't been loaded before.

\defaultfontfeatures{Mapping=tex-text} activates a feature for Latin  
scripts *inside* XeTeX, so to speak, that translates quoting  
characters or constructs like -- or --- into their Unicode values,  
where the quoting characters become so-called smart quotes à la  
„, ”, “, etc. (I'm not sure about << or >>, it can be activated  
locally.) The fontspec manual will show ways to activate this mapping  
feature only for certain fonts.

	%  \setmainfont{Lucida Bright}
	 \setromanfont{Lucida Bright}
	 \setsansfont{Lucida Sans}
	 \setmonofont{Lucida Sans Typewriter}

all declare fonts to be used for \textrm, \textsf, \texttt, again  
explained in fontspec manual. It will also show something like:

	\newfontfamily\Kanbun{ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W3}
	{\Kanbun 漢文}

And in case the name in a Japanese and Latin mixture fails to be  
recognised the PostScript name, that has to be ASCII, retrieved from  
Font Book/Livre des polices, HiraMinPro-W3 will work. \newfontfamily  
allows to activate particular font features à la:

明朝 Pro W3}

And of course you can convert the declaration into a command:

	\DeclareRobustCommand{\J}[1]{{\Kanbun #1}}



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