[OS X TeX] TL2008 destroys my geometry

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jan 4 11:37:35 EST 2009

Am 02.01.2009 um 23:26 schrieb Friedrich Vosberg:

> \RequirePackage[ngerman]{isodate}
> \RequirePackage[applemac]{inputenc}
> \RequirePackage[T1]{fontenc}


these three packages do not belong into a CLS or STY file: you must  
not dictate how an user typesets his or her documents. Particularly  
foul is to load an input encoding clandestine. This will print an u  
from an input x (or something like that). The decision on encodings  
used belongs to the user, not the package author, particularly when  
it's set in this way.

> 			\normalsize{\strut#1}\vspace{-1.6ex}\\%
> 			\rule{95mm}{.4pt}\\\vspace{-.2ex}%

The last line can be simplified as:


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